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About Betta Splendens

Betta splendens, also known as "Bettas" and "Siamese fighting fish", are popular pets recognized for their aggressiveness, interactiveness, and relatively low cost for maintenance and care. Betta fish can prove to be man's best friend for up to four years. Follow these tips to make sure your new pal has a happy and healthy life. They are not to be placed with other fish because of their extreme territorial behaviour. They don't take a lot of space. They also enjoy real plants in their habitats and it's also a very good accessory.

My Betta fish :

1) Betta Splendens blue mix red half moon [ male ]

2) Betta Splendens dark red Plakat [ female ]

Betta Breeds

The Betta  has been bred in many different types, having a variety of different colours, colour patterns and tail forms. The selective breeding began in S.E. Asia long ago, with breeding of the Plakat Morh, the true Fighting Fish of Thailand, Plakat Khmer, the Cambodian colour form, and the Plakat Cheen, the long-finned, ornamental variety.  Modern breeding programmes have greatly extended the range of colours, fin types and patterns so that many combinations exist.  These all derive from the Plakat Khmer and Plakat Cheen. The main forms and colour types are listed here, with a brief description of their genetics and breeding.  At our hatchery, we are developing the Royal Blue/green complex, Crown Tails and the Double-tailed varieties, in an attempt to breed improved Double-tailed Turquoise and Royal Blue Bettas.  Delta Tails and Half Moons will be a future breeding line. We also keep Red, Yellow and Cambodian Bettas.


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